Cultural Immersion while sailing in Greece

The culture of the small Greek Islands is, well mythical! Time seems to stand still...they are modern, yet, they are traditional. A slower pace for sure, and the Greeks are laid back and know how to live and enjoy themselves! From 3 year olds to 90 (or more) are out in the streets until late all summer, particularly when family come back to the islands in August. This is a communal people like no other! Greeks and sit and enjoy each other's company for hours around a table full of great Greek Mese....If it is summer, it is time to relax, and they do! 

Relaxing on a Greek Island
Preparing to sail around the Greek Islands

Top Places to Eat Out Asian Foods in Oxford

When we talk of Oxford countryside, we remember of the culinary ambitions. You will find some old pubs with grimy walls and sweeping motels that offer finest meat and veg. It is one of the best places to eat good food under £10 and thus frequented with retreats after the peddlers get tired wandering the city.

However, with so many gastronomic options and delicious meals to drool over, you need to know which the best options are.

7 Ideas for Travelers When Backpacking Solo

If you’re going out into the world and backpacking around by yourself, this is a pretty exciting time for you! No matter where you go in the world, traveling solo is an incredible experience that you’re going to grow tons from. However, there are some things to know before you head out into the big, wide world. Keep reading down below to learn some more about the top tips we have for those who are backpacking by themselves. 

1. Make Sure to Plan in Advance

7 Things You Should Keep Handy While Trekking in The Wild

When you’re out there backpacking in the wild without much connection with the rest of the world, you’ve got to be prepared. You never know what’s going to happen while you’re on your trip, so it’s best to have everything ready for any eventuality. We’re going to go through the top things you should keep handy when you’re trekking, down below. Keep reading to learn some more about these items and learn how they can help you in the worst of situations. 

1. A Pack of Wet Wipes

7 Hacks Backpackers Can Use to Save Money

When you’re out there traveling the world as a backpacker, things can get expensive very quickly. It can be pretty tough to keep a consistent budget when you’re just focused on enjoying your experience and seeing all you can before you have to come back home. The good news for you is that there are plenty of simple hacks you can do to save money on your journeys. Down below, you’re going to read all about these hacks and how you can implement them in your travels. 

1. Download All of Your Movies Before-Hand

A Simple Guide for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

It is great to cruise around and take day trips on a motorcycle but nothing beats the excitement and freedom of a motorcycle road trip. Before you rev up your engine and hit the open road, there are number of factors to think about first, if you want to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Give these ideas some thought so that you are prepared. That way you will be able to relax and enjoy the trip.

Top 7 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in the World

There are so many wonderful options for honeymoon destinations. All around the world, there are options for everyone, whether you want seclusion or the bustling of a major city. Your honeymoon should be a romantic time together as a couple as you start your life anew. Here are some exotic locations to consider.

1. Australia

Top 9 reasons to visit Europe During Winter

Europe, every tourist’s dream destination, has been alluring tourists with its spectacular beaches, dizzy cocktails, amazing scenic beauty and lots more since decades. But visiting this small continent may be a mess in the mid-year summer.

A true traveller would prefer to visit the Old World during winter and there are some solid reasons behind this. Let’s talk about some of them.

Luxury holiday villas in Marbella for Rent

Marbella is a city and resort area on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. The Sierra Blanca mountains are the backdrop to 27 km of sandy Mediterranean beaches, villas, hotels and golf courses. West of Marbella town, the "Golden Mile" of prestigious nightclubs and coastal estates leads to Puerto Banús marina, filled with luxury yachts, and surrounded by upmarket boutiques and bars.

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Salento is the perfect place for a sea, natural, historical holiday in south of Italy

Land of sun, sea and wind; reads as the "logo" of this beautiful tourist locations in Italy!
We are in a land bathed by a wonderful sea, ready to give a strong sun always accompanied by constant sea breezes. 

Getting around

I would say that the car is almost essential to fully enjoy the many beauties of this land; attention to the many speed cameras distributed everywhere: do not forgive!

Where to stay

Buena Ventura sailing
Otranto night vew
Villa Conca Marco room
Villa Conca Marco pool in the olive grove
the same pool in the evening
Party at Buena Ventura bath till morning
The same pool of Villa Conca MArco (too beautiful)
Lecce piazza Duomo
"Le Cesine" natural park beach
Kiters and wind surfer at Buena Ventura bath
Archeology in Salento
Torre sant Andrea
Acaya castle
Villa Conca Marco big home !