What is a mediocrity, or How to beat yourself on the Autoban?

Mediocrity in the lives of people has spread and penetrated so deeply that those who are called geniuses, need to make just a little more effort.
Mediocrity - it is as an area of ??our lives, from the north bounded by a compromise with the south - the indecisiveness in the east - with thoughts of the past, and from the west - the lack of purpose. It has a gray color, and sings a hymn standards.
Mediocrity - a condition where an individual lives below her famous, true potential. This acceptance of standards and performance only what is enough.
And yet, why do so many people are satisfied with mediocrity? The answer is incredibly simple and lie on the surface. The example given in an illustrative, clear dot the i. So, the story of one driver.
"It happened during my first acquaintance with the world-famous German Autobahn (motorways).
Motorways - it covers the whole of Germany and many other surrounding countries a network of roads on which there are no speed limits.
Once we were with my German friend were driving from the north to the south. Suddenly he asked me if I would like to try to drive without speed limits. It was like a dream come true. We refueled with gasoline, I sat behind the wheel and drove on the motorway.
At first, I felt excitement, enthusiasm and excitement felt throughout the body action of adrenaline. Sense of responsibility for this power without any external constraints also led to a variety of mixed feelings, including a temporary confusion.
In fact, I purchased the knowledge of the restrictions challenged by the possibility of using the maximum power. I'm trapped in my own experience, paralyzed by fear of unlimited possibilities.
Pressed on the gas pedal, I glanced at the speedometer: we raced at a speed of 130 km per hour. I was an experienced driver with experience of more than 25 years and I must admit, I had to travel at speeds greater than 130 km per hour, and sometimes even up to 145 km per hour.
But I was asked to take full advantage of the car. Noticing that other cars overtook me with ease of low-flying jet plane, I looked at the speedometer. The arrow went for a mark of 130 km per hour. My friend smiled and asked, "What are you afraid? We are still standing on the spot. "
Not to be outdone fear in the face of such a possibility, I pushed even harder on the gas and felt the excitement of driving at a speed of 185 km per hour. I can not describe in words the tremendous pride that I experienced from such control over speed and direction.
As long as we raced through the mountains and dense forests Black Forest, I even began to be proud of and felt on top of the world. Who now will catch up with me? I was the king of the road, the master of line.
This feeling of superiority grew more and more with each machine, which we overtook. In fact, I found myself thinking that, overtaking another car, said: "Why do not they pull over to the curb and do not miss this driver?". I have reached perfection. I set my personal best. I overtook everyone. I was the best.