How to feel like a polar explorer?

 Arctic landscapes excite the imagination. White silence beckons, but to change their way of life dare not everyone. That is if you look and go back home - is quite another matter.

Tourist business is taken home to help romantics tickle nerves, and promises to send them to where the eternal cold keeps intact the century-old ice.

There, where the "rub of the back bears the earth's axis," where, until recently, there were just desperate adventurers, strong and courageous people who risked challenge the icy wilderness.

A total of some 8-9 thousand greenbacks tour operator to attach the rich extremals in the so-called tourist expedition, of course, different from the present, but similar.

Risk their lives, being in the position Chelyuskinites not have to. Typically, tours begin in late winter early spring when the weather becomes calmer in the Arctic, the polar night is over, and the air temperature - in the apartment, twenty degrees Celsius. Well, maybe another sign ...

Week-long tour begins in the capital - Moscow, with landing at the polar AN-74. The plane takes visitors almost to the North Pole, the base camp, where he will be the main act.

But first we must prepare. Intermediate landing - in Spitsbergen, where newly polar equips in accordance with local conditions.

In the base camp brave travelers expect a full program: the race for dogs, hot air ballooning, golf or football on the icy snow-covered field, and even scuba diving in crystal clear waters of the Arctic Ocean.

After a hard day's relaxation needs. According to organizers, the best way to do this - the famous Russian sauna facility.

North top of the planet very close. "The water was not so drunk" - is not for tourists. Especially that long-term transition to a snowy wilderness to do is not necessary, it is more convenient to watch from above from the window of the helicopter.

The pilot will land exactly on the pole, where you can leave your footprints. Write on the ice, "Vasya was here" is not necessary. Tourists solemnly produced in polar explorers, descendants of the event will remind the memorial sign and flag. They are placed in the ceremony.

The next stage of the expedition - a village on the already known Longerbyuyn Svalbard. In addition to a formal dinner will offer tourists a tour of the island to get acquainted with a strong northern beauty. If you are lucky, and polar bears can be seen.