Planning a vacation? Come in Astrakhan!

If you want to come to rest in Astrakhan - you get an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.
Our Astrakhan different from all other cities of the Volga that here, as nowhere else, there is a culture and a European (Christian) and Asian (Muslim). We get along peacefully with each other.
A religious holidays Christmas, Shrovetide, Easter, Naurus, Kurban Bairam, Eid are popular, as all happy to invite for a visit and take part in the celebration of neighbors, colleagues and relatives.
We have a very beautiful people, especially girls. True. This is noted by all who have been here. As the city south-east, the clothes and mostly bright. On a summer tan, which has been on all year round, juicy, cheerful colors very well together.
The city in recent years been transformed beyond recognition. Of provincial provincial town looms modern comfortable city. Of course, many more unsightly razvalyushek, but downtown streets are no longer ashamed to show guests.
Many new buildings. Soon the new theater will see no forests. In my opinion, for the construction of a small town too big, but wait and see, and suddenly have to fit?
Well, talk about the attractions can be long. After all, World War II the city not destroyed, the temples and shrines, many of them have survived. Home gem, of course, the Kremlin.
By the way, is a hundred of the best fortresses in the world. Assumption Cathedral and belfry Prechistenskie gate on its territory - the monuments and our pride. In the cathedral, we can venerate the relics of St. Joseph of Astrakhan. Many believers make pilgrimages here for this trip.
And we have one of the oldest Russian drama theaters. The building was restored, and we are glad to go there. In my view, the theater should be just this: with balconies, lodges, with carved, stucco decorations and a huge crystal chandelier with pendants. Dips into the atmosphere of two centuries ago, and the perception of the performances (particularly classical) can be obtained quite different. If we were to them in the 19th century came to visit. The Time Machine was.
We can not say about the Embankment with great singing fountain. In warm weather, especially the hottest time of year people flock here to walk (now the city is a place for the prom), meet with friends, chatting about this and that, sitting on benches and looking at the parade. Come for a walk and come families - with kids, with casters, bicycles, scooters, dogs, cats, etc. That is, with children and household.
Roam is where, from arrows to its small fountain to the square mile of Peter is more than two.
But by the time the water-color extravaganza of music and people tend to be closer to the big fountain in the sense of Petrovskii. It's really joyful, fresh and fascinating spectacle.
But our island? Volga River divides the city into a large island. Very large. The whole was covered with green, absolutely all. For this steppe region, where each tree requires care and watering, such a large green area is very important and needed. Now the city has left almost no large parks, and so the island I would call light in our city.
In the same summer and beaches are located. Volga swam or moved to the shuttle bus - and you are on a picnic. Here, you and nature, and the river, and sand, and all the pleasures of summer life. But for fishermen and tourists - it's all paradise. My friend with the company goes to the island year-round to get energized and positive, having escaped from chetyrehstennogo urban existence, and breathe the fresh river air.