Karelia on a catamaran? Notes Traveler

We are sailing on catamarans Karelia ...
Day 2. I woke up because I was very hot. Honestly, the first time I was hot in the tent. Maybe it's a new sleeping bag that I bought before the trip. I seriously went to the charges: even all the things mentioned in the list, picked up. Without excluding wool socks, warm hat and gloves. Before I did not realized that the gloves need light for boating. I tell you a secret, has yet to a woolen tights for reasons that do not heat the bones ache. One time I still had to wear tights, but not because it was cold, but because other things are soaked. But more on that later.
So, I woke up. Soak, stretch in a tent not much happens so I decided on a sortie. Our camp was still asleep, and no wonder - 5am. But the sun was already high. I noticed that the evening sun in Karelia long sit (until one night does not darken), and 5 - 6 am it highly enough.
So, I got out of the tent and realized that not for nothing that I came here. Over the river swirling steam, the sun playing in the water, near a small island floating ducks. Tale, and nothing else.
Sail on this day was hard: we were attacked dragonfly. Well, if they just flew nearby, so no. They sat down at us and tickled. Children squeals of joy, screams of fear from Ira and constant attempts to catch these monsters in the lens. When really there to take up the oars!
And a dragonfly in general led us down for a while. Imagine: a large strekozischa sits on a light bag, where it is perfectly clear. It is not going to fly away, and vice versa - makes himself comfortable. And then I notice that in its jaws it holds a gadfly. Breakfast it, you see, had gathered. It has been seen as moving her jaw. She chewed for a long time, then suddenly stopped for a moment (thought, probably) and, dropping a piece of his "breakfast", flew away. Senya thoughtfully gave: "It is left to us?". Ten minutes no one rowed.
In addition to dragonflies our attention is constantly distracted by the picturesque banks of Syapsi and an incredible amount of yellow lilies. Senya all the time yelling, "Mom, get out there again jugs!" - Natasha and every now and then got out the camera and camera-il. Heat smorila us, and we lazily raised their paddles, so lagged behind the rest.
That night I slept badly: I always thought that somewhere next wave splash. When I lay on my back, I was swayed to the right and left. When it turns over on his stomach, the feeling that the water beneath me and I see my reflection. In short, a nightmare!
Day 3. In the morning everything went wrong. After breakfast, we began to ship things. When they were already tied, it was necessary to bring on board our captain. I stepped one foot on the beach, picked Senya and put it on the deck. At this point, the catamaran was sailed from the coast. My legs went away, and ... I was in the water. On the one hand, well, that the shore was shallow, on the other hand, the bank was slippery, and I several times went under the water. Water treatments were taken to the full. It's not so bad. Things, all packaged in germomeshki and tied on a catamaran! I had to go and wet his pants on the road waving a flag.
On this day we sailed almost continuously, only stopped for lunch. By evening we had to swim to the lake Vagatozero in which empties into the river Syapsya. After our instructor Dima said that today we sailed nearly 20 miles to the lake and there are very little, all cheered. Dima has announced that the parking stand up at one of the headlands on the lake, to which 5 km. "What we 5km on the lake, when we sailed 20!" - I thought. How wrong I was!
On the map Vagatozero several times smaller than Syamozero, but it met with us very harshly. Just at that moment when we came to Vagatozeru, strong wind arose. Sky sucked dark gray clouds, causing the water in the lake began to seem almost black. There were waves, and all our catamaran has more to shore. Here I was scared. Not because I can drown or something like that, but because I do not know what to do. Force is almost gone. We rowed, rowed, but not on the meter does not move forward. The wind increased, and no matter how we try, we carried the reeds.