Recreated the royal palace - the layout, decoration or historic interest?

Most recently in Moscow, a new attraction - a mansion Kolomenskoye September 4 2010. inaugurated the restored wooden palace of the second Russian tsar of the Romanov dynasty - Alexei Mikhailovich, who ruled Russia from July 14, 1645 to January 29, 1676 Of course, once in mid-September in the capital, first went to Kolomna, especially since before I was there been.
All-knowing Internet has given a certificate - to get to the mansion and the palace, you should go to the metro station "Kolomna". However, it appears that the new palace is located quite far from the main buildings of the old manor. And if time permits, it is better to devote one day walk through the historic part of the estate, and the other to go see the Palace. And then go to the station should not "Kolomna" and to "Kashira." And then just go across the street, and you at the palace!
We, of course, emerged from underground to "Kolomna". At the entrance of the estate asked the guards, where, in what part of the park is the restored masterpiece and could not get some scheme or plan of the estate as a guideline. The answer was something like this: go straight then left, then right, then ask! Here's a difference with respect to the tourists at home and abroad! What would be good to get at the entrance to a plan showing the main facilities.
Park Manor is huge, its area is 390 hectares. In the northern part, where we began our walk, there is an architectural ensemble, formed in the 16th and 17th centuries. I do not believe that all these buildings four centuries! The highest here - Church of the Ascension, the height of 70 meters, almost a 20-story building. Next to it - the bell tower of St. George. Nearby five-domed, with blue stars in the dome, the church of Our Lady of Kazan, planted yet Tsar Michael Fedorovich, in memory of the deliverance of Moscow from the Poles, and sanctified is the son of Alexei Mikhailovich (v1651 built-1671 years). Vodovzvodnaya tower built in the 70 years of the 17th century, served as a gateway and provides water to Sovereign Court. The small church of St George was built in the mid-19th century, there is located a museum display of icons. A small palace pavilion on the shore of the river caught the attention of two lionesses sculptures. We usually see a long-manned lions sitting in front of palaces, or adorn the palace parks and embankments, and here - is a lioness! First ever seen anywhere lionesses! And it offers a magnificent view of Moscow - the river!
After seeing all the white stone building, went in search of a new palace. No signs, walking tourists ask each other, but really, nobody knows all go, as they say, at random. Of course, the way we saw many interesting things - and the oldest oak trees in Moscow, and the log cabin of Peter the Great, and the "Polovtsian woman" - the monument of kurgan gravestones Polovtsy Cooma. And an old apple orchard with apples already fallen. Finally, one came back to the entrance gate, near the buildings Stables yard, where the guards said that the palace be not less than two miles. I think we went along ravines more. And when I finally saw the green roof of the new palace, then the question arises: why is so far from the main buildings of the estate is the royal palace?
It turns out, was built in 1667-1671 years specifically for the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, a wooden palace was there, where we came from, near the stone church of Our Lady of Kazan, and joined to it by a covered walkway. Kolomna palace consisted of seven chorus: for the king, for the prince to the queen and four princesses. All mansions have been associated transitions between them, as well as storage rooms of the palace and the church. Mansions were three-or four-story, consisted of a series of cages with their vaults, outdoor porches and a variety of tents, often posed with two and three different forms.
The palace has 270 rooms, which had 3000 boxes, decorated with carved aprons with lots of colorful carved details. Also decorated with rich carving valances roof, porch, and galleries.
And Kazan Church, and yards - Rich, Stern and Bread, and service chambers, and guard were in a single complex. There were a few broken gardens. Often, this palace was called "the Palace - a fairy tale," and even the eighth wonder of the world in size and brightness. Here is how contemporary described him: "... With his scaly roofs, elegant towers, wonderful porches, fancy windows, colored coloring is the work of Russian art produced a fascinating impression not only in Russian. But for foreigners. Glittering with gold, mottled colors, representing the most whimsical mix of architectural lines, construction of the palace seemed to Kolomna just taken out of the box with jewels. "