What an island is - Yarki?

If you love to travel and are interested in the wonders that nature intended, you definitely need to visit the island bright. And, once you kill several birds with one stone: Enjoy the grandeur of Lake Baikal, the taste of Baikal omul (true delicacy) and visit the wonderful island, which is called the miracle of nature. Bright. The emphasis in the title should be put on the second syllable - the name comes from the word "yar" (the diminutive plural form).

Bright - this is a very special island. When you look at it, you find that it is a narrow strip of land. After all, the island stretches along almost the entire northern coast of Lake Baikal. Bright - alluvial sand spit formed by the offsets of the rivers Kichera and Upper Angara, the length of the island 12 km, width from 50 to 150 meters.

To get to the island by boat, but if you do not have any, do not despair. On the bank is constantly "on duty" inhabitants of a small town Nizhneangarsk - owners of these vehicles. For a small fee they will gladly take you to the island. At the same time you can arrange for a fish, and then every morning you'll get a fresh catch.

The island is interesting because he seemed divided along two parts - one sandy beach, the other - swampland. In the middle of growing mainly small birch and cedar stlannik. But you can easily find where to break camp, this will point you to the traces of hearths.

Be prepared for the fact that you're being attacked crowds of curious, almost tame
chipmunk. These fun creating before accustomed to people that do not really fear them. They will always watch you from a short distance, but do not be fooled: you're not the object of their observations. Chipmunks - small rodents, the main thing for them - what would fill their cheeks. So do not leave unattended food! In a short time, buckwheat, sugar, candy, cookies may disappear without a trace. Do not want to sit hungry - hide all of the tent.

More about some inhabitants of the island to say. This is a seagull. If you get to bright in the period when they will hatch the eggs, do not come close to the nests. "And how do you know where the nest?" - You ask. Piece of cake. If you walk along the island and see that you are beginning to circle over the sea gulls - so the nest somewhere nearby. Do not tempt fate. The closer you are suited to the jacks, the lower the start circling seagulls and you can hurt you with his wings. Better return. The rest of the gulls behave calmly.

On Yarkah many tourists not only from Russia. Most of the Germans for some reason, so if you're just a little know German or English, you can create a dating service and practice in the language. But if you want to enjoy the beauty alone, you can always find a secluded corner. Enough space to all.