What is the Ice Hotel?

Every winter, the inhabitants of northern Sweden, near the town of Kiruna, occupied the same. They are building a hotel full of ice and snow. This tradition began 17 years ago and now, this winter, respectively, rose 17 th in a row ice hotel.
Each of the 17 hotels is significantly different from one another, and it is logically understandable, because every year for the construction of the hotel are invited to various architects, sculptors and designers, each works to your liking.
Hotel fully furnished, but all the furniture is also made of ice. The walls are decorated with elaborate ice sculptures created by, and on the ceiling - chandelier ice, did not differ in their views on these and crystal.
The most famous place in the hotel is perhaps its bar. The high ice stand is a bartender skillfully bottling drinks in ice glasses. At the reception, as in ordinary bars, there are chairs, but, again, from the ice. Plates, cups, glasses, candlesticks created here, even ice. Chairs, chairs and beds covered with reindeer skins thick, it is done in order to not be so cold to sit on them.
The hotel, there are only 5 months, from December to April, and then melts. Work on it 40 sculptors and builders begin at the end of October. On metal templates with Snow throwers erect snow arches. Results for Ice Hotel takes thirty tons of snow and four tons of ice. Ice Hotel space, decorated with ice sculptures, reminiscent of the scenery for 'The Snow Queen, "Andersen.
Normal temperature inside the hotel is -5 ° C. But it can fall to -8 ° C, if outside -45 ° C, so stay is recommended only for one night, though, the second reason that people spend at the hotel no more than one night - the price. It is great, but it explains the volume of the work that needs to be done to build a hotel. He not only fully pays for construction costs, but also brings a huge profit, because every year tourists from all over the world rush to see the beauty of the world-famous hotel and spend the day or night.
In the hotel has 60 rooms, sauna, restaurant, bar, movie theater, as well as a showroom, where you can admire the exposed works of art, also created out of ice. In the rooms themselves do not have toilets and showers, they are in a specially equipped room. None of the rooms and doors. Luggage there is luggage storage.
Romantik Hotel adds a delicate and multi-colored lights, running as if from the very walls of various rooms. However, the light in the hotel was not brilliant, and despite the light, twilight reigns here.
Guests at the left in him at night, sleep on ice beds covered with animal skins, a warm sleeping bags. In the morning they brought a cup of warm cranberry drink.
When the guests at the hotel are occupied, they hold a special tour of the hotel and explain the instructions for living in it, in addition, the guide also tells about its history.