Biking? Cake! Marching diary

We were going to go four, but almost at the last moment one of our team could not break away from business, because all the train compartment was at our disposal.
I can not imagine how we would have placed him in four bikes, but coped with three easy - just loaded them wrapped in blankets on the top shelf of the released and bound. The trip went smoothly, although because of the Russian-Ukrainian customs could not sleep.
And so we disembarked in Melitopol. There was a surprise for us - a weekend of small banks Ukrainian settlements do not work! However, a local policeman told us moneychanger, and we exchanged U.S. Dollars for the hryvnia, as it turned out, at very good rate (even though we have repeatedly warned that money-changers often deceive people, and with just anyone can connect.) After that, we found a driver who promised to take us to Genichesk - this is where the arrow originates Arabatskaya 111 kilometers long, and it ends in the village of Kamenka.
As we spent the night in Genichesk hotel to safely fasten to a bicycle rack another, and next morning moved to the arrow. At first the road was a "good" - concrete slab, but, you know, go on a fun little road - at the junction of a bicycle jumped up and banged on the spot, which is already on the second day numb. Weather that day was fine and sunny, and we decidedĀ  to drive to the famous radon baths and the nearby camp. Despite the fact that the beginning of April - out of season, the people at large puddle filled with steaming hot water, splashing a lot, and the weather was favorable to this.
We set up tents on the shore of the Azov Sea, cooked dinner in the dark and went to a pool of radon - decided to start just stand there, rolling up his pants to his knees. The water was nice, but because the sun had set, was not hot. But in the morning we went to take a bath in full - and it was awesome! Very hot water, nice sand under your feet or so, on what you sit - and sit down had to, because too small puddle. And did not stop even a large concentration of people - because of the couple create a sense of privacy: we hardly even saw each other. We were warned that long in this warm water can not, for 10-15 minutes, and soon we went to the tents - to collect things and move on.
Until we get together, good weather turned bad, from the sea blew an icy wind, and began to gather to the shore blocks of ice. And now the weather accompanied us almost all the remaining days. And when the night wind, we could find shelter in a tent, the day had to go, despite the fact that the wind was just knocked down.
Wind, however, ceased to be a major problem - after a while over the road and began a real washboard. It is no exaggeration! The choice was - between the endless potholes and sand - but the sand is quite impossible to go, but on washboard Arabatska arrows, we occasionally went to walking pace - which is known even from school textbooks, is 5 miles per hour. In some places had to get off your bike and take him behind the wheel - too easy, but the ride was much harder - starting from the shoulders ache mercilessly attempts to keep the wheel straight.
Ostrich Farm
Ahead of us was waiting for an ostrich farm where you can eat exotic meat and ostrich eggs. But when we arrived at the farm gate, the first thing I noticed on the sign - the word "sauna". By the time we were freezing: the sun was not all day, the icy wind died down. Having found farm workers (not in season yet!), We took the room and ordered a sauna. But from ostrich eggs declined - it costs as much as 250 hryvnia! That our money is now a thousand rubles. Two-room suite (other rooms simply were not ready) cost only 50 hryvnia more eggs, and yet we still had nearly 60 kilometers to the heaters, and from there it was necessary to get to Simferopol - already on the machine, of course. So we take a steam bath house, right in the room with the burner cooked pasta with canned meat, drank wine, changed punched the camera and went to bed.
The next morning came rather quickly - to collect the tents did not have to, as before, the weather was like nothing, not even little glimpses the sun. But the time was very small - for today had to do 40 miles, otherwise we might not have time to train. And we almost succeeded - for 7.5 hours on the road with short stops every half hour, with dinner and replaced punctured wheel, we drove 36 km, and had quite a bit. We spent the night with difficulty by setting up tents on a strong wind, and moved on - we waited for the last day cycling trip. It started normally, but then things got only worse. Drizzling rain, washboard roads became impassable over, but came diversity - a huge puddle. We had to walk around them on the grass, which actually turned out to be just a shallow puddle, but it was impossible to get around, so we all soaked up. Imagine the scene: wet feet, wet clothes, cold, and nearly a head wind. And do not forget about the so-called "road"!


Finally how was it then? Did you enjoy?