Cultural Immersion while sailing in Greece

The culture of the small Greek Islands is, well mythical! Time seems to stand still...they are modern, yet, they are traditional. A slower pace for sure, and the Greeks are laid back and know how to live and enjoy themselves! From 3 year olds to 90 (or more) are out in the streets until late all summer, particularly when family come back to the islands in August. This is a communal people like no other! Greeks and sit and enjoy each other's company for hours around a table full of great Greek Mese....If it is summer, it is time to relax, and they do! 
16 years of experience living and sailing in the Greek Islands has given me the opportunity to learn and to love this culture. This is what I  share with the guests that come to sail aboard PWYLL for 10-13 days, in the Dodecanese Islands of Greece.
If you want to come to Greece to experience the island culture, this is the best way to do it; live a board my sailing yacht, enjoy the freedom and comfort of living on Pwyll as we do as live-aboard sailors.
Meet the people we know and the places we call "our back yard". See Greece from the point of view of the island people; sailing from island to island, you are not a tourist, you are a traveler.
 Interested in learning to sail? You can do it at your leisure as we travel from island to island. Trips from May through October, and also along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey (May and September only).
Our itinerary will normally include these islands: LEROS, LIPSOS, PATMOS, ARKI, AGATHONISI, MARATHI, KALYMNOS
What is it like to dive off of the boat into crystal clear blue waters? What is it like to be at the helm of a 44' yacht? What is it like to gaze into an inky black sky at infinite numbers of stars? You will know, when you sail aboard PWYLL.
Get in touch, lets talk about a trip that will fit you like a glove!

Relaxing on a Greek Island
Preparing to sail around the Greek Islands


 Come sailing, the calendar is wide open now for reservations, choose your dates, one week to 13 days of exciting, relaxing sailing-touring!

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