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Cultural Immersion while sailing in Greece

The culture of the small Greek Islands is, well mythical! Time seems to stand still...they are modern, yet, they are traditional. A slower pace for sure, and the Greeks are laid back and know how to live and enjoy themselves! From 3 year olds to 90 (or more) are out in the streets until late all summer, particularly when family come back to the islands in August. This is a communal people like no other! Greeks and sit and enjoy each other's company for hours around a table full of great Greek Mese....If it is summer, it is time to relax, and they do! 

Relaxing on a Greek Island
Preparing to sail around the Greek Islands

What is a mediocrity, or How to beat yourself on the Autoban?

Mediocrity in the lives of people has spread and penetrated so deeply that those who are called geniuses, need to make just a little more effort.
Mediocrity - it is as an area of ??our lives, from the north bounded by a compromise with the south - the indecisiveness in the east - with thoughts of the past, and from the west - the lack of purpose. It has a gray color, and sings a hymn standards.