Gulet Cruise – Why You Should Pick It as Your Holiday Destination

Such kind of holiday destinations are exclusive to the Eastern Mediterranean. They are renowned to originate from Bodrum district, which is in Turkey. The gulet happens to be an extremely exceptional kind of a boat that comes in several different types and styles and will fit into a different kind of budgets. For all those who do not know what a gulet is, it is basically a conventional Turkish sailing vessel, with 2 masts that are made of wood. One of the masts is at the rear of the boat and the other one is right at the front. Even though it has been classified as a sailing boat, some people prefer it due to the fact that is less expensive and more enjoyable if the gulet is powered with a robust engine in place of the sail.

The gulet’s length also varies but will generally fall between 50 and 108 feet but there are smaller boats as well that offer you with a less extravagant and more rustic holiday. The larger ones are designed while keeping luxury in mind and generally have the facility of air conditioning along with various other amenities. Mostly have 5 to 6 rooms that are for the travelers but some have as many as 12 rooms or as low as 3 rooms. Most of these rooms occupy two persons and some of them may have private toilets and showers as well. The crew, which is normally based on 3 people, sleep together in a room at the bow, or at the front site of the ship. There is a main cabin as well where the travelers take their meals along with an area where they can lounge in the sun.

Some of the vital reasons as why you should opt for a gulet cruise for your vacation include:

  • While choosing such sort of a vacation, it is considered to be a private charter so your journey gets to be quite flexible.
  • There are several things that are included in the price when you choose a gulet cruise and that you do not have to pay extra for things like fuel, crew services, harbor fees, and often the meals and drinks are also included in the entire package.
  • Even though most of these are based in Turkey, it is very much possible for you to hire one in numerous other countries. Many times you will be able to hire the gulet from Turkey and make it travel you to the Greek port so that you be able to explore the Greek Islands more.
  • You can have your own preference when it comes to the choice of sails or make use of a motor.
  • There are numerous gulet options as well as packages you can choose from as per your needs and requirements.

Opting for a gulet cruise tends to be one of the great means via which you can enjoy your family holiday to the fullest without being too expensive on your pocket.

About the author:

This article is penned by Mike who is a self confessed travel enthusiast. He has traveled many places in Europe and Asia and enjoys writing about different travel destinations and places of tourist interest.

Mike was recently on a vacation in Croatia where he took Gulet Croatia from Majstor Charter a well known Gulet Charter Croatia company that provides you with plenty of gulet options and packages.