The princess islands are popularly referred to as The Islands’ by the Istanbul’s; because they are the only islands in Turkey.

They lie in Marmora Sea, 20 km southeastern of Istanbul city. These islands make a fabulous destination in case you need an escape from the noise of the city. Princess islands are nine in number, and have about 15 000 permanent residents. However, the population swells to more than 110 000 during the summer. This is due to many people running from the sun in the Istanbul city.

Princess islands’ means of Transport

Princess Islands has neither cars nor buses for transport purposes. This is a relief for many visitors after a lot of suffering from the city mayhem and noise. The only vehicles you can occasionally see around are those of police, sanitation officers and fire brigades. Bicycles are major means of transport, and horse drawn carriages are in plenty just like the good old days.

 However, princess islands provide many bicycles for hire.

The price for one bicycle hires ranges from YTL35 for a shorter tour and around YTL45 for a longer tour. The only means of transport to and from the princess islands is by ferries.

 Fourteen ferries operate in the islands daily. These ferries run from 6:50 am to midnight, starting from Kabanas in the morning. And the small Bargazada and Kinaliada offer the first dock for that ferry. The most appropriate departure times from the main land are latest at 11:30 am or 10:00 am, however, the best time is 9:30 Am. On weekends, it is advisable to grab a seat an hour early so as to avoid standing for the rest of the journey. A trip to princess islands cost just YTL3, another YTL3 on a return journey and same price when travelling between the islands.

 It is also important to check for departure times regularly to avoid delays and misconviniences. A trip to the Islands takes about 30 minutes and another 10 minutes if you are moving from one island to another. The last ferry leaves Heybeliada at 22:12 while another one leaves Bayukada at 22:00.

Food and accommodations

 The Heybeliada island charm has much to offer to its visitors. It has a number of restaurants that you can see next to Turkish Naval Academy; that was started in 1773. This island also has some well-established shopping strips with delicateness and bakeries that sell most of their picnic provisions to day trippers. These daily visitors come to this island to enjoy the beach life and swim on weekends. This is just an example of the many restaurants and hotels that are found in princess islands. If you are planning to tour this place from another country, make sure you have a Turkish visa to avoid being in trouble with the authorities.

The Princess Islands Culture

 In Princess Islands, you will meet people from various backgrounds with different types of lifestyles. However, the most common and popular culture in these islands is the Turkish culture. Most people in these islands speak Turkish and English languages. Foods and drinks in these islands are also of various types and diversities just as its visitors. The people there are very friendly and always value visitors. These princess islands are always very quiet with a lot of fresh air; a direct opposite to the city life.  I highly recommend a visit to these calm and refreshing parts of the world when tired from day to day activities in the city.