Salento is the perfect place for a sea, natural, historical holiday in south of Italy

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Land of sun, sea and wind; reads as the "logo" of this beautiful tourist locations in Italy!
We are in a land bathed by a wonderful sea, ready to give a strong sun always accompanied by constant sea breezes. 

Getting around

I would say that the car is almost essential to fully enjoy the many beauties of this land; attention to the many speed cameras distributed everywhere: do not forgive!

Where to stay

The farmhouse Villa Conca Marco The choice was extremely successful. It is near Vanze, located a few minutes' drive from Lecce and Otranto (much more crowded and chaotic). From here you can reach all places of Salento in an hour; we feel ourselves to recommend this property for the excellent value , the cleaning, the food and the kindness of the owners.

In the kitchen

That Salento cuisine is still tied to the land, with two souls, a "poor" if you want, and peasant, the other marinara rich of all that the Mediterranean sea has to offer. Always tasty and topped with organic olive oil produced on the same farm Villa Conca Marco extremely rich in content and authenticity.

Where to start?

From raw materials, perhaps, from what the earth, properly guided, offers generously: oil, really amazing, and the wine, the "Primitive" of all, reach levels of excellence, as well as products of ' horticulture (which variety of lush greens!); the sea does not want to be outdone, and offers its wonders (fish and shellfish).

Our base was precisely Villa Conca Marco, a very pretty farm where it is pleasant to take long passeggiatenegli groves or at the beach or even take a bath in the sea of ​​glass or stopping to dine at the restaurant typical regional. We used our house as a starting point for excursions, all feasible in the day, thanks to the privileged position.

People arrive in Salento, perhaps primarily, for the sea; it seems fair then draw up a list of the best beaches we visited. The Ionian Sea, from Santa Maria di Leuca onwards offers incredible beaches, sometimes protected by typical dunes that are formed by the action of the wind; from Torre Vado until the celebrated Gallipoli is a succession of white beaches and coasts absolutely crystal clear waters. We leave to each the task of finding their own corner of paradise. More music, more scenery, on the Adriatic coast: here is a succession of rocky coasts such as Castro and Santa Cesarea Terme, but just as many wonderful beaches with fine sand and crystal clear water as Bear Tower, San Foca and Alimini. Do not miss the spectacular views, with Albania that on clear days "can almost touch it." A tip: do not miss at least one day boat trip, to have the chance to explore the unexplored coastlines. The lido Buena Ventura organize splendid walks sailing along the coast of the natural park "The Cesine". At Buena Ventura bath they also teach and practise kite surf, wind surf, and fantastic partyes saturday night.

In the evening enjoy for long walks through the narrow streets of the historic centers of Otranto, Lecce, Gallipoli and Acaya ... it you will be hooked.

It 's true ... in Salento is the sea, so brazenly beautiful, so full of sights and colors. You only have to look with the eyes of the soul to discover a Salento equally fascinating in countries with white walls; in prickly pears that dot the cliffs overlooking the sea; among olive groves in the enchanting beauty and scorched earth; in dry walls that line the farms; in the farms where there is shelter from the heat and even a drink of fresh water seems a gift dropped from the sky; in the eyes, alive, warm and clever people of Puglia.

In the architecture Baroque is the master, the archeology from the Celts to the Messapi, to the Greeks to the Romans, and the Middle Ages are rapresented by many castles.

Buena Ventura sailing
Otranto night vew
Villa Conca Marco room
Villa Conca Marco pool in the olive grove
the same pool in the evening
Party at Buena Ventura bath till morning
The same pool of Villa Conca MArco (too beautiful)
Lecce piazza Duomo
"Le Cesine" natural park beach
Kiters and wind surfer at Buena Ventura bath
Archeology in Salento
Torre sant Andrea
Acaya castle
Villa Conca Marco big home !