A Simple Guide for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

It is great to cruise around and take day trips on a motorcycle but nothing beats the excitement and freedom of a motorcycle road trip. Before you rev up your engine and hit the open road, there are number of factors to think about first, if you want to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Give these ideas some thought so that you are prepared. That way you will be able to relax and enjoy the trip.

  • Check You Motorcycle

First, ensure it is suitable for a road trip. Some bikes are just not comfortable over long distance. Then, make sure it is serviced and all aspects or working correctly, including the tires, lights and brakes.

  • Dress Appropriately

Jeans and a t-shirt simply are not going to cut it on a road trip. It is not about looking the part but is essential for safety. The right gear will give you better protection and more confidence. On a road trip wear, proper riding pants, decent boots and a good riding jacket. A quality full face helmet goes without saying. Make sure the clothing is tight fitting so it does not flap around as you ride. Make sure you have all the necessary Bikers Basics.

Make sure you have the correct gear is the weather turns bad. It is not pleasant to ride for hours in wet clothing.

If you have long hair, get a bandana or buff that you can use to keep it under control.

  • Pack Light

Considering you and your bike are going to have to carry everything, be selective and pack light. Make sure you get good motorcycle luggage. There is a huge range to choose from such as saddle bags, tank bags, tail bags and metal or textile motorcycle luggage. Keep the style and size of your bike in mind when selecting luggage.

  • Stay Hydrated

This is a very important aspect that many overlooks. You need to drink water or decent liquids throughout the day. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and reduced concentration and be a serious risk. You can get a comfortable hydration pack which fits like a harness and you can sip with your helmet on as you ride. Approximately 2 litres should be sufficient, just make sure you top it up whenever you can.

  • Plan Your Route

Unless you know the directions perfectly, plan ahead and know your route. You do not want to waste time and go in the wrong direction. If you do get lost, stop and check a map or GPS, otherwise ask the locals.

  • Take Regular Breaks

The idea is to enjoy yourself and have fun, so stop and rest every so often. Stretch your legs and enjoy the scenery. While you are at it, check your bike, your fuel and supplies.  

Do not overdo it and take too many breaks as it will slow you down and break your rhythm.

  • Do Not Overeat

Rather have more frequent lighter meals throughout the day. A big breakfast or lunch could cause you to feel tired later on which is not something you want on a road trip. High energy snacks and protein bars are a good idea. Toilets might be few and far between so take your opportunities when you can.

  • Keep Motivated

As much as the open road offers an exciting adventure, it can also get long and lonely at times. You will experience a few aches and pains on a long trip but the freedom and pleasure will far outweigh that. Stay safe, ride responsible and enjoy the trip.

  • Carry Essential Spares and Tools

You do not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere without the necessary tools and spare parts. Talk to a mechanic or more experienced riders to get an idea of what you might need for your specific bike.

You can’t take a road trip every day so when you do it should be a memorable adventure. All you need to do is a little thinking and planning to ensure you are comfortable and well prepared. Enjoy the trip.