Top Places to Eat Out Asian Foods in Oxford

When we talk of Oxford countryside, we remember of the culinary ambitions. You will find some old pubs with grimy walls and sweeping motels that offer finest meat and veg. It is one of the best places to eat good food under £10 and thus frequented with retreats after the peddlers get tired wandering the city.

However, with so many gastronomic options and delicious meals to drool over, you need to know which the best options are.

Oli’s Thai:  It is the best Thai restaurant in Oxford outside South East Asia. it is like a mini-Thailand itself. The fragrance of the food, salt, the punch and the complexity, everything is evocative. The rice is good and fluffy and a perfect bonding with Chang beer makes it even better to taste.

Zheng: Zheng is a popular Malaysian restaurant in Oxford that has everything possible on the menu. You will get amazing cereal prawns, fried green beans, and beef rending. If you want to gossip with a large group of friends, book the table upstairs. However, it is better not to chat, rather enjoy their food. They are excellent for takeaway.

Spice Lounge: This is one of the great Indian restaurants in the Oxford countryside. You can fancy over a Curry and Nan. The Chicken Shashlik, Peshawar Nan, Jhali Tikka, Lamb Pathia are some of the finest and good to taste dishes you will find here.

Banana Tree: If you are looking for innovative Vietnamese food, then you are at the right place. Best Vietnamese restaurant in Oxford, which offers great noodle soup made of special Laska Noodles, served with Chicken Wings. The most famous here is there Thaikun, which is fairly expensive but ultimate for every connoisseur to taste.

Thaikun Oxford

Thai restaurant in Oxford, which is worth the value. They are an excellent cook and their Prawn Toast and Curry is just amazing. The amazing Thai hospitality is the cherry on the cake. Some of the popular dishes like Pad Thai, chicken with cashew nut, beef noodle and Thai Iced Tea is just perfect toast for the hot summer days in Oxford.

Sasi Thai: Pad Thai is one of the best-served dishes here in this Thai restaurant in Oxford. Sprinkled with crispy fried onions, coriander or toasted peanuts. The sauce they provide with it needs a little more fish paste to make it taste better.

Sojo: They take pride in serving authentic Szechuan, Cantonese and Shanghai dishes in their sub-£10 afternoon menu. You will find rice or noodle bowls and dim sum. Even the exotic black bean tripe, chicken claws or shredded Szechuan pork is also available on their menu.

To taste some of the best Asian cuisines in Oxford region, you will find this guide handy and easy to refer. Book your table earlier if you are planning to visit a restaurant in the weekend.