Karelia on a catamaran? Notes Traveler

We are sailing on catamarans Karelia ...

How to move to Prague?

It was such an ancient children's Guess, "Why did the elephant walk?". It had to respond "by the earth." Local Aborigines called the Prague city of pedestrians, so it's best to walk.
However, it is not easy, especially given under foot coverings. The fact that the entire Old Prague, namely it is the fount of all cultural objects, entirely paved with stones. And not just stones, and kamenischami, often they leave so that the legs tuck.

What an island is - Yarki?

If you love to travel and are interested in the wonders that nature intended, you definitely need to visit the island bright. And, once you kill several birds with one stone: Enjoy the grandeur of Lake Baikal, the taste of Baikal omul (true delicacy) and visit the wonderful island, which is called the miracle of nature. Bright. The emphasis in the title should be put on the second syllable - the name comes from the word "yar" (the diminutive plural form).

What is interesting Sevastopol? Tourists on the note.

Just like in the first part explore the city, the hero of Sebastopol. So, the rain ended, cold currents have left the waters of Sevastopol - and you can go to the beach.

Planning a vacation? Come in Astrakhan!

If you want to come to rest in Astrakhan - you get an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.
Our Astrakhan different from all other cities of the Volga that here, as nowhere else, there is a culture and a European (Christian) and Asian (Muslim). We get along peacefully with each other.
A religious holidays Christmas, Shrovetide, Easter, Naurus, Kurban Bairam, Eid are popular, as all happy to invite for a visit and take part in the celebration of neighbors, colleagues and relatives.

Can I save money on travel to Europe?

Short answer - you can! A detailed response, how to do it, I will give in this article.

Many travelers, when developing your route try to find the most inexpensive and convenient way of moving from point A to point B. Some with knapsacks on our backs hitchhiking, prostaivaya half-day on the road waiting for a ride. Others choose a plane or bus.

Few come to mind that the most convenient way to travel around Europe - this train. After all, almost everyone has heard that the train in Europe - the most expensive form of transport. But is it really?

La Gomera: The realities of life and fun?

Small, seemingly very bleak island. But how many mysteries, legends, funny, like jokes, can be heard at one time!

Take, for example, the fact that last year celebrated birthday of the oldest inhabitant of the island. She turned 103 years old (and in general to live a long time La Gomera: Men 78 years, women 83). The venerable lord asked what she wanted as a gift? Municipality - the smallest in Spain - was ready to fulfill any desire dolgozhitelnitsy.

How to feel like a polar explorer?

 Arctic landscapes excite the imagination. White silence beckons, but to change their way of life dare not everyone. That is if you look and go back home - is quite another matter.