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Salento is the perfect place for a sea, natural, historical holiday in south of Italy

Land of sun, sea and wind; reads as the "logo" of this beautiful tourist locations in Italy!
We are in a land bathed by a wonderful sea, ready to give a strong sun always accompanied by constant sea breezes. 

Getting around

I would say that the car is almost essential to fully enjoy the many beauties of this land; attention to the many speed cameras distributed everywhere: do not forgive!

Where to stay

Buena Ventura sailing
Otranto night vew
Villa Conca Marco room
Villa Conca Marco pool in the olive grove
the same pool in the evening
Party at Buena Ventura bath till morning
The same pool of Villa Conca MArco (too beautiful)
Lecce piazza Duomo
"Le Cesine" natural park beach
Kiters and wind surfer at Buena Ventura bath
Archeology in Salento
Torre sant Andrea
Acaya castle
Villa Conca Marco big home !

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