What is interesting Sevastopol? Tourists on the note.

Just like in the first part explore the city, the hero of Sebastopol. So, the rain ended, cold currents have left the waters of Sevastopol - and you can go to the beach.
Besides, who come by car, is not difficult to find for himself a lonely place. Most of the beaches of Sevastopol rocky. Sloping sandy beaches with flat bottom are a little further west. On the North side of town is the famous beach Uchkuevka. It is always crowded, but there are no problems with the couch, food, transportation and entertainment. You can go and for the city on the coast of Sevastopol to Cachi many attractive places for recreation.
The south side of town will delight tourists with its unparalleled scenery. While in Sevastopol, be sure to visit Fiolent. Around this cape is a large housing estate. To the numerous beaches, mountain trails or are carved out of stone steps. The most famous beach is located in the St. George Monastery. Off the coast is the rock of St. phenomena. According to legend, the monastery founded in 891 by Greek sailors who got into a storm, and called on the help of St. George. Anyone heeding the call of their heart, was on a large rock near the shore and immediately calmed the storm.
The joy of a warm sea, natural beauty and sanctity of the place may overshadow the lack of outlets (because take care of food and drink in advance), a complex lift (to the beach access is on foot - on a long stone staircase) and transportation problems (for those who do not on wheels).
The next place that simply need to visit is the balaclava. This area has attractions for every taste. Notorious beachgoers and tourists, campers will appreciate the local beaches: Gold and Silver. Clean water and stunning views of the mountain will not leave you without experience. To get to the beach can be on the water - on a boat, or in the mountains - on foot. Based on personal experience, I will advise this option: to get there by water, and vice versa, when the heat subsides a bit, go to the mountain trails. And do not forget your camera!
On the road from the beach in the town do not miss the opportunity to admire the ruins of an ancient Genoese fortress Cembalo. Tremendous energy area, as well as the magnificence of manifest in all its glory is in the evening. From the mountain you can still admire the lights of Balaklava Bay.
Military history buffs will be interested to visit the museum Balaklavsky the Cold War. It is carved into the rock tunnels, formerly used as a fortification for repairing and hiding submarines. Satisfy your hunger, but also taste the Crimean wines can be in the cafes and restaurants on the shore of the bay.
Balaklava is located not far from a unique natural reserve "Cape Aya." Resinous trunks millennial junipers have air Cape healing. Here one can still find rare species of plants and animals.
No less interesting for the tourist and the northern part of Sebastopol, namely Inkerman. Here in Sevastopol bay empties into the Black River, near which lie the ruins of another fortress of the Genoese - Kalamita, as well as acting Klimentsky Holy Monastery. This place is known that here in the first century AD, long before the introduction of Christianity in Russia, in the rocky caves of Christian monks settled down, hiding from the persecution of Roman power. And this place is known Inkerman stone extraction.
Those who indulge in mysticism and esoteric, perhaps, be interested to know about Sevastopol underground pyramids. In scientific and pseudo-scientific community still face considerable debate about this phenomenon. It all started with that team Vitaly Goh sought "a way geogidrodiagnostiki" in these parts thermal waters, and as a result came across a strong field of ultra-high frequency. Excavations at the site allegedly showed some underground pyramid, is a transmitter of cosmic energy.
Who, when and why they were built - until now and can not figure out. Nominated by the most diverse and fantastic version, up to the mythical civilization of Atlantis. It is interesting that in place before the alleged pyramid stood drevnehersonesskaya mansion, though until quite far from here Chersonese (the area is located in the jungle highway). On the lawn near the ruins of the mansion lined with stone spiral-maze. They say that they use in their rituals of local mystics.
Sebastopol much more convenient and the fact that many of the sights of the Crimea, such as Bakhchisarai, cave cities Mangup Kale and Eski-Kerman, Foros Church and even Mount Ai-Petri, are within reach and can be visited in one day, without thinking on the problem overnight. Summer in the city center you can always find the representatives of local travel agencies offering tours at an affordable price one day. This is a good chance to learn the Crimea in the company of a professional tour guide.